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'Hugh Jeudwine and the 55th Division' a talk by Dr Michael Orr


Dr Michael Orr will be giving a talk on 'Hugh Jeudwine and the 55th Division'.   Read more on Sir Hugh Sandham Jeudwine   Images courtesy of Wikipedia. British 55th (West Lancashire) Division troops blinded by tear gas await treatment at an Advanced Dressing Station near Bethune during the Battle of Estaires, 10 April 1918, part of the German o…

The Battle of Cambrai - why did it succeed and what went wrong?


The Battle of Cambrai in November 1917 turned out, for both Britain and Germany, to be a major signpost showing how to break the trench deadlock of the previous three years. The lessons of the operational successes and failures would be digested by both sides over the forthcoming winter. For the British, especially, the battle failed to live up to …

General Judy - Michel Orr


General Judy - The career of Sir Hugh Jeudwine by Michael Orr. Hugh Jeudwine became a commander of a Infantry brigade in 1915 and later in 1916 was promoted to command the 55th West Lancashire Division where he introduced the unusual practice of asking his junior officer s for feedback.  The 55th Division also were involved in a significant action…