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Ep.192 – ‘The Fighting Irish’ – The US 69th Infantry Regiment in WW1- Stephen L. Harris


A student at Trinity College, Burlington, Vermont. Stephen L. Harris started his career as a  journalist and freelance writer on his hometown newspaper, The Wilton Bulletin. He then moved into corporate communications and for 12 years, Stephen edited GE’s award-winning, company-wide magazine, Monogram. This had a circulation of more than 330,00...

Ep. 199 - New York’s Silkstocking Regiment and the Breaking of the Hindenburg Line - Stephen L. Harris.


American historian and author Stephen L. Harris talks about his book recent book Duty, Honor, Privilege that looks at the New York’s Silk Stocking Regiment and how it ‘broke’ the Hindenburg Line in 1918. Your browser does not support the audio element....