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The Illusion of Victory - America in World War One (1)


By Thomas Flemming ISBN 0-465-02467-X. H/B, 543 pagesIn his inimitable style, Thomas Fleming has written a dramatic story of Presidential hubris in wartime. It is a cautionary tale for any contemporary national leader. It traces the process by which Woodrow Wilson’s disdain for dissident opinions, his naiveté, and his faith in his own rhetoric iso…

Articles, Book Reviews and podcasts taking the American point of view in World War One


The USA in World War One featured on The Western Front Association website  Articles in Stand To! (The archive of our journal is available online to members) The Role of the Doughboy in the Current American Renewal by James Brazier Private Martin A. Treptow ST2 1981  Combat Command on the Western Front. Perspectives of America Officers by Ca…