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Animals at War : Schools Writers Winners


Writers: Annie Mossford Becky Chatwyn Claudia Dale Georgia Wilde Also  Maddox Akers Bella Carlton-Bland Emma Wilkinson Sarah Zafar   War Dog by Annie Mossford The mud is up to my chest and I am almost swimming through it. I glance around but he's nowhere to be seen so I just keep moving. I must find him, My sniffer begins to twitch. It…

Heroism in British Great War Writing


Ann-Marie Einhaus                          Heroism in British Great War Writing Prior to 1914, professional soldiers in the ranks had a somewhat mixed reputation in Britain – one only has to look at Kipling's 'Ballad of Tommy Atkins', who complains that he is treated with disdain and suspicion except when somebody is needed to fight Britain's enem…