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Nature of War


A range of materials for mixed ability classes, for year 7, 8 and 9. Right click to save documents. If you have any resources you wish to share, please let us know! Document Title Focus Format Death of Red Baron Mystery activity ¬†Word FWW Dressing station Medical services information ¬†Word …

CANCELLED - Up Close & Personal - Infantry Weapons of Trench Warfare with Taff Gillingham


Suffolk WFA Branch Chairman Taff Gillingham is a military historian specialising in the life of the British and Commonwealth soldier during the first half of the twentieth century. Since the 1990s, he has been a military historical advisor on many major film, television and theatre productions, and regularly appears in TV documentaries. He is co-…

'Tank Production in the First World War' with Gwyn Evans


Gwyn Evans will be speaking about tank production during the Great War. He will explain how firms were mobilised almost from a standing start to produce the new weapon of war in quantity. In doing so he'll look at the issue from the perspective of the Army, industry, and the Ministry of Munitions and how their interests both aligned and conflicted.…