"Un Taube tombe environs de Soissons" - A Taube downed near Soissons

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Image Id: 1953 Contributor: The Jordan/Ference Collection Theatre: Western Front Subject: Battle Aftermath Location: Soissons, France Regiment: Unknown Service Arm: Unknown Battle: Unknown Date: 1914 Combatants: Unknown Publisher: French Photojournalist 1914 Source: French Directory: Set of 43 Webres

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Steve C

Mon, 28/06/2021 12:38

The following account from http://www.sahs-soissons.org/gg_14_18/pechenard_martyr_soissons.pdf (in French) may refer to this image. It talks of artillery response, shortly before sunset on Saturday,26 September, 1914 to a German plane flying overhead. It didn't say that the plane was shot down but the account states that the fire was extremely fierce and came probably from the British lines.