avion français abattu - French plane shot down

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Image Id: 3268 Contributor: The Jordan/Ference Collection Theatre: Western Front Subject: Battle Aftermath Location: Unknown Regiment: Unknown Service Arm: Air Force Battle: Unknown Date: Unknown Combatants: French Publisher: Brentano's Source: French Directory: Brentanos 0001-0100

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Steve C

Fri, 20/08/2021 12:32

Contributed by Ray Staley via WFA Facebook

This picture shows Salmson 2 A.2, (often shortened to Salmson 2) a French biplane reconnaissance aircraft developed and produced by Salmson to a 1916 requirement. In addition to its service with the French army, the Salmson 2 served during the First World War with United States air units. Some 700 were purchased, and were generally successful. It also served with a host of post war air forces including Belgian, Czechoslovakia, Japan, Peru, Poland, Spain, and Russia