Ecole du 13 reg, Gen Gouraud 1917 - General Henri Gouraud at a training exercise for the 13th regiment, 1917

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Image Id: 3497 Contributor: The Jordan/Ference Collection Theatre: Western Front Subject: Training Location: Unknown Regiment: Unknown Service Arm: Unknown Battle: Unknown Date: 1917 Combatants: French, British Publisher: Amateur Stereographers (Collections) Source: French Directory: OfficersAndBalloons

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Steve C

Sun, 22/08/2021 18:10

The "Officers and Balloons" set of images have been inscribed on the back with captions which are difficult to read. In this case we have taken '13 reg' to mean the 13th RegimentĀ and 'Ecole' to indicate some sort of training exercise.

Note the presence of British officers amongst their French counterparts.