In this podcast, Richard Farrimond discusses their motivation for writing a comprehensive biography of Field Marshal Lord Birdwood, highlighting their personal connection to Clifton College and Birdwood’s autobiography, Khaki and Gown, as initial inspirations.

Richard also explains that their academic journey, including a history Masters degree and a PhD, led them to explore Birdwood’s life beyond his role at Gallipoli. The interview delves into lesser-known aspects of Birdwood’s career, emphasising his language skills, early military experiences in Tirah and South Africa, and his ability to excel in staff work. The author challenges the traditional characterization of Birdwood as an 'easygoing and fortunate' officer, revealing his dedication, competence, and command abilities. They also discuss Birdwood’s diplomatic challenges and achievements throughout his career, which involved interactions with various dignitaries and political leaders.