'Shoreham Fort, Past Present and Future' with Gary Baines
25 Jul

Gary Baines, Founder, Chairman and Future Management Coordinator of Friends of Shoreham Fort will be presenting "Shoreham Fort, Past, Present and Future".

This is slightly different talk for us and Gary will be taking us on a tour through the history of the Fort, including its role in the Great War, its current state and the plans for the future development of this amazing site. 

Shoreham Fort was the second experimental fort of the "Palmerston Follys", (with many of us being familiar with those in the local area such as Fort Nelson). Built in 1854 as the show piece for the building programme, the Fort has seen many ups and downs in its life taking on many roles during that time. Gary will trace the impact this has had on the fabric of the fort and the local area.

Of particular interest to us will be the replica trench built as a memorial to the troops that trained in Shoreham and the surrounding area.

Gary has a great passion for the Fort and his enthusiasm makes his talks a delight to attend. 

The Royal Marine Association Club, War Memorial Pavilion, Dunn Cl, Portsmouth, Southsea P04 9SB
25 Jul 2022 20:00