'Management of Wounds Sustained by British Forces on the Western Front 1914-1918' by Tom Scotland


Tonight's meeting is going to be the first talk given via Zoom with the speaker at home in Scotland while the members attend as usual.  The timing and format will be the same just the speaker appearing virtually.


Tom will talk tonight about the great changes which occurred to improve the management of soldiers wounded on te Western Front


Tom Scotland is a retired orthopaedic surgeon. Co-editor of War Surgery 1914-18 and Wars Pestilence and the Surgeon's Blade (examining the evolution of British military medicine and surgery in the 19th century). Co-author of Henry Gray, Surgeon of the Great War, of Understanding the Somme 1916 and Understanding the Ypres Salient.

Victoria Institute, 2-4 Brookhouse Road, Caton, Lancaster LA2 9QT
01 Jul 2024 19:30