Lancashire North Despatch Issue 9: May 2012

The frontispiece group photo is of the staff at the Staff College, Quetta, India in 1913. According to Simon Robbins in his book “British Generalship on the Western Front 1914-18” such men and other officers with a Staff College background were the backbone of the BEF in the war years and enabled the war to be fought. The article at Page 7 describes how the photo came to light and outlines how the group produced a Field Marshall, a General, a Lieutenant General and 4 Major Generals!
Despatch contains, inter alia, the unique (?) story of a Jerseyman who lies in the Argonne, a contemporaneous “War Horse” story, unpublished war poems, a thought provoking post card and a review of the book that challenges the conventional thinking about Germany’s initial war plan. Also the Editor has received an interesting letter in response to an article in last November’s Despatch.