'Gallipoli Chaplains: Crossing the Divide' - a talk by Carole Hope
07 Dec

Caption: Gallipoli burial service

This talk examines the role of chaplains on both sides and many faiths in Gallipoli and looks at such issues as the logistics of providing a chaplaincy service, the day to day operational challenges, both in the front line (for those chaplains who ventured forward) and behind the line and collaboration with medical services. It also touches on the nature of combatant faith, fatalism and morale and is sourced from memoirs, academic papers, and other publications.

Carole Hope has a BA (Hons) from the Open University and her last module focused on the political, social, and economic history of the Great War. On completion she decided to look at the military history and made her first battlefield visit in 2000, returning at least once every year since. She has published a biography of a military chaplain and also the memoir of an infantryman who fought in three war zones and was taken Prisoner of War during the German Spring Offensive.

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07 Dec 2023 19:15