Welcome to the Middlesex branch of the Western Front Association. 

Venue: Hewitt Room, Whitton Community Centre, Percy Road, Whitton TW2 6JL

Close to Whitton Station and on H22 and 110 bus routes.

Dates: The First Thursday of each month (except June 2022 and August 2022 in which we will hold no meetings)

TIME: 19:10 for 19:30-21:00.  


Recent and Upcoming Meetings:

Wednesday 12th January 2022- Branch AGM and a range of 5-10 minute talks by members.  

Wednesday 9th February 2022 – Ann Green: 'Some Men on the Isleworth War Memorial' 

Thursday 3rd March 2022 – Rob Fleming: ‘The First World War in the Pacific’

Thursday 7th April 2022 – Alan Leakey: ‘CSI Battlecruiser’

Thursday 5th May 2022 - Vernon Creek: 'Who was the Father of the RAF?'

Upcoming Branch Events

See Bulletin, or the Branch Facebook Page or website for forthcoming event details.