'German grand strategy and the introduction of new tactics in 1916-1917' a talk by Dr Tony Cowan
06 Apr

An analysis of the grand strategic background to the introduction of new German tactics and weapons in 1916-1917: everything was interconnected, one reason why fighting on the Western Front was so complicated.

Dr Tony Cowan was awarded his PhD by King’s College London.  His book Holding Out: The German Army and Operational Command in 1917 will be published by Cambridge University Press in spring.  He has lectured and written widely about the German army in the First World War, including on its higher-level command, regional identities, development of defensive tactics and state at the end of 1916.  He edited a translation of the German official monograph on the battle of Amiens and he was one of the historians on the British army’s major staff rides in 2016 and 2018 studying the lessons of the First World War

Hewitt Room, Whitton Community Centre, Percy Road, Whitton, TW2 6JL
07546 603513
06 Apr 2023 19:25