‘Dad’s War’ with Phil Sutcliffe.
15 Oct

This talk tells the story of Phil Sutcliffe’s father, Sam Sutcliffe, one of the ordinary foot soldiers who served their country in WW1. Sam enlisted at 16, fought on the front line at Gallipoli 1915, the Somme 1916, and Arras 1918, where he was taken as a POW. He starved, he froze, was shelled and shot at, gassed, and bitten by lice and centipedes. He saw men wounded, dying, and driven mad, and some, to his lifelong regret, he killed.
In his seventies, persuaded by his family, Sam finally freed his remarkable near- total-recall memory and wrote it all down, from childhood to demob. His memories have been recorded by his son Phil and edited into a remarkable first-person memoir, “Nobody of Any Importance; a foot soldier’s memoir of World War 1”. Using these memoirs, Phil tells his father’s story.

Wolverton Working Men’s Social Club, 49 - 50, Stratford Road, Wolverton, MK12 5LS
15 Oct 2021 19:30