‘I shall hope to try an officer and at least one corporal for cowardice’. Talk by – Michael de Cicero
19 May

1916 was a pivotal year for the British Army, a year of intense combat defined by the Battle of the Somme and the appalling casualties of 1916. Yet it was also the year in which the British Army began to master industrial warfare and the tide of the war began to turn in favour of the Allies. Michael’s talk looks in detail at the German Trench Raid at La Boisselle, 11 April 1916, and the British response to this attack. Michael is Commissioning Editor at an esteemed publisher of military history and an established author himself, with a PhD in Modern History and a special interest in the Battle of Ypres. Not to be missed

Wolverton Working Men’s Social Club, 49 - 50, Stratford Road, Wolverton, MK12 5LS
19 May 2023 19:30