From Cambrai to Crimea - a talk by Stuart Crawford
22 Sep

Stuart Crawford is an author, writer and broadcaster specialising in defence analysis. He was commissioned in to the 4th Royal Tank Regiment.  During his twenty-year military career he served with his Regiment around the world, including operational tours with the UN in Cyprus and as a staff officer in the Headquarters British Forces Middle East during the 1990-91 Gulf War.

Stuart has written numerous articles and journalistic pieces. His latest book “Tank Commander: From the Cold War to the Gulf and Beyond” was published by Pen & Sword Books in January 2023.

Introduced on the Western Front during the Battle of the Somme in 1916, tanks were soon seen not to be the wonder weapon to win the war.  However, their effectiveness grew as army commanders and tank crews alike learned how to use them profitably. The Battle of Cambrai proved that massed tanks were a powerful weapon when used in numbers.

Stuart’s talk will examine the circumstances of the introduction of the tank by the British army in the First World War and how it has developed since then, with up-to-date comments on the use of tanks in the current Russo-Ukrainian war and in Gaza by the IDF.



The Scots Guards Club, 2 Clifton Terrace, Haymarket, Edinburgh, EH12 5DR
22 Sep 2024 14:00