Thousands of heroes have risen. The experience of the Sikh soldier in the Great War.
18 Sep

The First World War brought together soldiers from across the globe. Many of them chronicled their travels and their views on the conflict.

Historians and scholars have used these accounts to understand how soldiers’ experiences changed and what life was like for those who served. Yet the Sikh view of the war has been relatively unexplored and a vast array of Sikh voices remain unheard.

In this talk, Sukwinder Bassi will draw on previously unpublished accounts to highlight stories of Sikh service, offering a fascinating insight into the First World War through the eyes of the Sikh people.

Sukwinder Bassi was born in London to Sikh parents hailing from the Punjab, India. His interest is in military and social history, particularly that of both world wars and Sikhs in particular. He was inspired to research the experience of Sikh soldiers after visiting the battlefields of Western Europe.

The Royal Naval Association Club, 73-79 East Street, Southend on Sea, Essex,
18 Sep 2023 20:00