Welcome to the Wolverhampton branch of the Western Front Association. 

Meetings are held on the second Saturday of every month starting at 2.30pm
We ask for a modest donation on the door which includes tea, coffee and a slice of cake at the break (before the Q&A session with the speaker).
Members of The Western Front Association and non-members are equally welcome.

Any new visitors will be assured of a welcoming and friendly atmosphere among a group of like-minded enthusiasts.


Future Meetings:


11 January 

AGM. Followed by ‘Six years of research and still continuing’ by Su Handford

8 February              

The killing of the Iron Twelve  by Dr. Hedley Malloch

14 March 

Nobody of any importance, a foot soldiers’ memoir  by Phil Sutcliffe

11 April 

The WW1 contribution of Dulmial village in India (modern day Pakistan) by Dr. Irfan Malik

You can also find our full speaker programme, news, study materials, projects and more on our website: Wolverhampton Branch.

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Upcoming Branch Events

'The killing of the Iron Twelve' with Dr. Hedley Malloch
08 Feb

'The killing of the Iron Twelve' with Dr. Hedley Malloch

St Peter's Collegiate School, Crompton Park, Wolverhampton, WV3 9DU
08 Feb 2020 14:30

Dr. Hedley Malloch will be giving a talk based on his book of the same name 'The killing of the Iron Twelve: an account of the largest execution of British soldiers on the Western Front in the First World War'.  IMAGES: Book Cover, Edith Stent at the grave of the eleven soldiers and the graves as they appear today featured on the Iron 12 Story web…

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