ONLINE: 1917 at Verdun: The French hit back
08 Apr

The presentation will be live and online. 

The failure of the German offensive at Verdun in 1916 led to major changes of leadership and the sector became a secondary front. In this presentation by Christina Holstein, we will learn how for the French 1917 became an opportunity for aggressive action.

The French Army mutinies of spring 1917 meant a more limited offensive than was originally intended but careful planning, the massive use of artillery and air power, highly trained infantry and high morale brought quick results. The operations of August 1917 dashed any remaining German hopes at Verdun and, with American observers already present, they paved the way for the Franco-American Meuse-Argonne offensive of September 1918.

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ONLINE: 1917 at Verdun: The French hit back,
08 Apr 2021 20:00