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'Verdun - The Left Bank' a talk given by Christina Holstein


Author, historian and Verdun tour guide Christina Holstein will be talking about the Left Bank of Verdun. Christina Holstein is a frequent contributor to the Pen & Sword Battleground Europe series.  Because of the location 'The Left Bank' of Verdun is usually visited in a series of walking tours. Because of the considerable danger in these wo…

'The Battle of Verdun' a talk given by Christina Holstein


Christina Holstein is a multilingual historian who, whilst resident in Luxembourg,  developed her interest in the Battle of Verdun. She researched with local people and with German historians and researchers and has published four books on the Battle of Verdun as well as leading battlefield tours.   The East London Branch of The WFA meets at 7.45…

21 August 1918 : Sgt Sebastian Mitterhofer, 7 Komp, Kgl Bay 10 Inf Regt ‘König'.


Born on 7 June 1887, Sebastian was from Dachau. An active reservist at the outbreak of war and, therefore, he saw service from the very earliest days of the war. He was married with one child.  He was in action from August 1914 in Lorraine, then on the Meuse, at Verdun, the Somme, Arras, Third Ypres, Cambrai, Dixmude and Verdun (1918) to August …

017: Summer 1986


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'Lieutenant-Colonel Emile Driant, first hero of Verdun' by Christina Holstein


Christina Holstein will give a presentation on Lieutenant-Colonel Emile Driant.  Born in 1855, Emile was the first high-ranking casualty of the Battle of Verdun. Educated at a military academy he was an officer at the age of 22. He 1906 he resigned his commission, for reason Christina Holstein is certain to explain. He became a journalist and go…

061: April 2001


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062: September 2001


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'Verdun 1916' by Christina Holstein


On 21 February 1916 the German Fifth Army launched a devastating offensive against French forces at Verdun and set in motion one of the most harrowing and prolonged battles of the Great War. By the time the struggle finished ten months later, over 650,000 men had been killed or wounded or were missing, and the terrible memory of the battle had been…

'The Voie Sacree - the road that saved Verdun' with Roy Larkins


Roy Larkins presents a fascinating look at the Voie Sacree, the road that led to Verdun.

He will look at the transport vehicles used and what it took to keep this life line open. 


IMAGE: Map of the Voie Sacrée France. Luigi Chiesa - Own work Created with GPSVisualizer background Demis and Landsat

Stand To! 1 to 115 Full Contents Listing


Stand To! 1-115 Contents    Stand To  1 Spring 1981 Editorial Notes (Peter T. Scott) Serving members of the Western Front Association Early Days, New Paths and Acknowledgements Inaugural Meeting: John Terraine's Address. Historian John Terraine berates those who indulge in ‘purely tragic pilgrimages to the Western Front’. The Loving Care o…

Verdun 1916 - Philip Stevens


Verdun 1916 - The battle that changed the 20th century - Philip Stevens. Verdun remains the longest single battle in history, but one the least understood.  What happened at Verdun and how it affected the British, American , French and German nations for the rest of the war and the rest of the century. Members of the WFA and non-members alike ar…

The Verdun Regiment. Into the Furnace: The 151st Infantry Regiment in the Battle of Verdun 1916


By Johnathan Bracken Pen & Sword, £25.00, 269pp, hb, 30 ills, maps, notes, refs, bibliog and index. ISBN: 978–152–671–029–1 The author is the president of a living history organisation dedicated to the French 151st Infantry whose home garrison was Verdun. Diverted from its annual summer manoeuvres several days before war was declared, the 15…

114: February 2019


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27 June 1916: 1292 Can. Pierre Alexandre Carrière, 115e Règiment d’Artillerie Lourde


Pierre was born at Florentin near Rodez, Aveyron on 1 August 1881.  Married with two children, he completed his compulsory military service in 1905. He was a reservist at the time of the outbreak of war. Called back into service at Rodez on 3 August 1914, his earlier war service is not known, but, following transfer to the 115e RAL in January 191…

11 July 1916 : 604 Sdt. Jean Louis Sylvain Bertrand, 293e Régiment d’Infanterie


A married man with one child, he was a reservist at the time of the outbreak of war. Mobilised into full time service during the first week of August 1914, he saw his first action with the 123e R.I. during the Battle of the Marne. This was followed by service on the Aisne front, especially on the Chemin des Dames into 1915 when he transferred to th…

The Somme 1916: Touring the French Sector


By David O’Mara  Pen & Sword, £14.99, 240pp 32 maps & ills throughout. ISBN: 978–147–389–770–0  ‘Oh, No! Not another book on the Somme!’ Not my words but those of the author. David O'Mara makes it clear that his book is different – and without doubt he succeeds. This is an essential read for those who study the Somme. The French sector …

'The Battle of Verdun' by Emilie Duchateau


Emilie Duchateau will give a talk on the Battle of Verdun.  IMAGES: French soldiers coming out of their trenches and French soldiers in front of the Voevre.