Rob Thompson has spoken at The Western Front Association AGM and National Conferences as well as speaking at many Branches. In addition, he has provided interesting articles for our journal Stand To! and our in-house magazine Bulletin, for example his current overview of 1917 'Crossing the Devastated Zone, 1917: Lessons and Consequences for the British Expeditionary Force'.

Rob's talks and articles are always meticulously researched and thought provoking.

He was a fine ambassador in the official Centenary events, interacting with the public at The Somme Experience field in 2016 at Manchester’s, Heaton Park and the Zonnebeke experience field in Belgium in 2017. Rob is a natural communicator, and in addition to educating schoolchildren and he has been involved in the official UK teacher education events. Rob is one of the jewels in the crown of The Western Front Association and his award is well deserved.

Upon Receiving an Award for ‘Outstanding Services to the Western Front Association' Rob commented:

“I am both astonished and humbled to have received this award from the Western Front Association. Astonished because I am gobsmacked that I have even been considered for such recognition and humbled because there are so many more members who toil away unrecognised and who are far more deserving of this award than I. Ultimately the WFA has given me far more in the way of opportunities and support than I could ever repay.

I would like to thank the WFA for all they have done for me over the years as well as the service they have rendered as an organisation in keeping the flame of Great War education and learning brightly burning over the years. It has been a joy and a privilege to be involved and I’d like to thank all past and current members for this honour for which I am truly grateful.”