We are very pleased to be able to start taking bookings for the first six Virtual Battlefield Tours which the WFA has commissioned from 'Battle Guide Virtual Tours'. These will be on the following dates, all tours starting promptly at 19:30 UK time. Click here for a brief description of each tour.

January 7th              1914 - The Rearguard Affair at Etreux (Clive Harris)  FULLY BOOKED (see below)

January 21st             1915 - The Battle for Scimitar Hill (Clive Harris)  FULLY BOOKED (see below)

February 4th             1916 - A Lousy Wood on the Somme (Julian Whippy) FULLY BOOKED (see below)

February 18th           1917 - The First Battle of the Scarpe (Clive Harris) FULLY BOOKED (see below)

March 4th                 1918 - The Spring Offensive (Clive Harris) FULLY BOOKED (see below)

March 18th               1918 - Der Schwarze Tag,  Amiens (Julian Whippy) FULLY BOOKED (see below)

Whilst all the tours are fully booked, you may still register your interest in any of them but will be placed on a waiting list in case anyone drops out. If you are already registered on these Tours but will be unable to attend, please let us know straight away so that we can offer your place to the next person on the waiting list. Thank you 

Please read the following carefully before clicking on the registration link at the bottom of this page but the essential points are:-

  • you may only book for one tour at this stage
  • you must use the email address which the WFA office holds for you when you book
  • you must be able to pay via PayPal or WorldPay

The live tours are available only to WFA members and are limited to 60 people per tour. Places will be allocated on a strictly 'first come, first served' basis. Subject to the demand, and in fairness to the number of people who may wish to attend a tour, members may only book for one of the six tours.  However, if any tour is under-subscribed, there may be an opportunity for you to attend a further tour in order to fill up the places.

If you wish to attend one of the live tours, we ask you to register your interest in your chosen tour by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. This does not guarantee that you will be able to attend that tour - only the first 60 applicants for each tour will be invited to do so. If there are more than 60 people applying for a particular tour, those in excess of 60 will be put on a 'waiting list' to be notified if places become available through people dropping out.

Nearer the date of each tour, if there is still spare capacity on that tour but no waiting list, we will invite further applications.

Please read the following before registering your interest.

  1. When completing the form below, you must register with the same email address held by the WFA office for you. This is because there are automated checks to ensure that only WFA members can apply for these tours.
  1. The cost of attending a tour is £5 and the 60 successful applicants will be contacted approximately two weeks before their chosen tour and invited to purchase their 'ticket' from the WFA online shop. You must be able to purchase your ticket using PayPal or WorldPay. Cheques, bank transfers, phone payments, etc cannot be accepted so please do not apply for a place unless you are able to pay by one of the two methods above. We also ask that you purchase your ticket during the first of the two weeks so that we have time to offer the place to the next person on the waiting list in the event that you have decided not to continue with your purchase.
  1. Only members who have paid for a 'ticket' via the WFA online shop will be able to attend the live event. If, however, you have purchased a ticket but are subsequently unable to attend the live event, we earnestly request that you email assistant-development@westernfrontassociation.com as soon as possible so that the next person on the waiting list can be offered your place. We will arrange to refund the cost of your 'ticket' to you providing your cancellation is no less than 48 hours before the live tour takes place.

Note that all WFA members will be able to view recordings of the tours for one year in the 'members only' section of the WFA website.

Please complete this form to register your interest in a particular tour