For those of you who like me watched the Covid restricted Remembrance Sunday coverage from the BBC probably would agree that it was a sad experience. Sadder still is the numerous Remembrance Day services up and down Britain that have fallen victim to the pandemic and more specifically the lockdown.

When it became apparent that last week’s renewed lockdown was likely to deny many members the opportunity to take part in Armistice and Remembrance services, it was decided to commission a special service for Western Front Association members from the Guards Chapel in London. This is being made available on the eve of Armistice Day so complimenting rather than competing with the Remembrance Sunday service from Whitehall.

I have to say that I think the service is a moving and fitting commemoration in this final centenary year when we recognise the hugely important symbol of national sacrifice that is the Unknown Warrior.

To view this simply click on the icon below. 

I am sure you will agree with me that the poignancy of this short service is matched by the quality of the presentation and is a testament to the effort by all concerned to whom, on your behalf, I offer my sincere thanks.

Tony Bolton


The Western Front Association