Members of The Western Front Association will be delighted to learn that this week (commencing 14 September) another massive release of Pension Record Cards has been made available by our partners via their ‘Fold3’ platform. As ever, these cards are freely available to WFA members who log into the WFA website.

What has been released?

The cards comprise well over a million ‘Widows and Dependents of Other Ranks Died’ cards which were used by the Ministry of Pensions as ‘finding aids’ in their administration of pensions payable to families of non-commissioned soldiers, sailors and airmen who were killed in the Great War.

As many members of The Western Front Association will be aware the ‘Other Ranks killed’ cards were released a few months ago. These are an increasingly important (indeed vital) tool for many researchers and the ‘Widows and Dependents’ Cards are a useful adjunct to the ‘Other Ranks killed’ cards.

To read more about this new release, click on this link: Pension Cards made available for 'Widows and Dependents of Other Ranks Died'

Below: a pallet of one of the 'units' of over 480 drawers which comprise the Widows and Dependents card set.