The latest videos from the 'I Was There!' series have been very well received, with Episode 29 ('The Immortal Story of 'L' Battery') having over 55,000 views (and counting). The statistics on other videos are also excellent, with an earlier video (Episode19: The Unseen Killers at Le Cateau) surging in the last day or so to over 12,000 views. 

The most recent video is Episode 31: The Day We Forced the Passage of the Marne.

The original description, from the 'I Was There!' magazine published just before the Second World War sets up the piece as follows:

'Dr A.A. Martin, who had seen active service in South Africa in 1901, was in 1914 attached to the Field Ambulance of the 5th Division. In telling phrases he recounts his experiences on the day when the victorious British army crossed the Marne. He had unequalled opportunity of watching the exciting incidents of an historic advance.'

These videos are being grouped (following the format in the original magazine) into 'Chapters' (on YouTube these are 'playlists') and can be seen here:

Obviously as more of these are recorded and published, these chapters will increase in number. 

PDF copies of the original I Was There! documents are available exclusively to members of The Western Front Association to download via the Members’ Portal.