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Video: Four veterans remember the Battle of the Somme


The documentary below was produced in 1991 and featured four veterans reminiscing about their time on the Somme in 1916. The veterans featured were Tom Bromley, Alf Razzell, Sid Lovell and Donald Hodge. Although the picture quality is not great, we thought members may enjoy watching this video.  As will be seen in the end credits, The Western Fro…

I Was There!: Latest video now available


The latest videos from the 'I Was There!' series have been very well received, with Episode 29 ('The Immortal Story of 'L' Battery') having over 55,000 views (and counting). The statistics on other videos are also excellent, with an earlier video (Episode19: The Unseen Killers at Le Cateau) surging in the last day or so to over 12,000 views.  The m…