12 May 1915: Musk Josef Abberger

Josef was born on 22 August 1893 in Burladingen, Baden.

Location of Burladingen, Baden in Germany (cc OpenStreetMap)

Already a serving soldier at the outbreak of war, he transferred to the newly expanded Lehr Infantry Regiment at Potsdam in early 1914 and first saw action at Namur during the invasion of Belgium in August 1914.

Map showing the German advance through Belgium, after the Battle of Liège in early August 1914

After moving to the Eastern Front, Josef fought at the 1st Battle of the Masurian Lakes and the Battle of Lodz before moving to the Carpathian mountains and Gorlice.

The battle of the Masurian Lakes in Sep 1914

He was killed in action during the Gorlice-Tarnow Offensive on 12 May 1915 and was buried in the military cemetery at Zadzielslo, Gorlice.

 Musk Josef Abberger, 4 Komp Lehr Infanterie Regt.

12 May 1915


Research by David O'Mara