24 December 1914: 2nd Lieut Herbert Ronald Farrar

Herbert Farrar was born 27 July 1887, South Shields, County Durham 

South Shields on Tynes where Herbert was born (Cc OpenStreetMap)

The son of the Rev. Herbert William Farrar, clergyman and Florence M Farrar Herbert was baptised 14 August 1887, St.Hilda’s South Shields. He spent his early years living with his grandparents in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne while his father served in Carlisle.

By 1910 the family, parents, four children and two domestic servants were living together in South Shields.

Barcombe Anglican parish church, Barcombe, East Sussex, England.  Charlesdrakew (cc Public Domain)

A school teacher in Dover before the war, his father and mother were by then living in Barcombe, East Sussex. The Reverend Herbert W Farrar becoming the Rector at Barcombe Mills

Herbert was gazetted to the 3rd Leicester Regiment at the outbreak of war in 1914 and in October attached to the 2nd Manchesters.

Herbert was killed in acton on Christmas Eve 1914 and buried on Christmas Day. 


Herbert was buried in Dranoutre Military Cemetery, Heuveland, Flanders on Christmas Day 1914. Photo courtesy of Laurinlaurin Espie, Find a Grave

Great War Barcombe

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