26 April 1916: 137/15564  Luit. Arthur Pierre Joseph Ghisain Lupsin

Arthur Luspin was born at Furfooz, Namur on 14 September 1890

Location of Furfooz, Namur in the south of Belgium (cc OpenStreetMap)

View of Furfooz by Pascal Stenuit

Arthur was an officer of the reserve at the time of the outbreak of war.

Postcard illustrating the Battle of Halen (12 August 1914)

Luit. Luspin was mobilised on 1 August 1914 and he saw action at the Battle of Halen on 12 August, and the Battle of the Yser before settling into the static warfare on the Yser front from the winter of 1914 through to 1916.

Arthur was killed in action after being fatally shot through the mouth, possibly by a German sniper, near Steenstraat, Flanders on 26 April 1916.

The Belgian Military Cemetery at Hoogstade photographed by Johan Pauwels © 2022  and featured on WW1Cemeteries.com © Terence Heard and Brent Whittam

He was buried in the Belgian Military Cemetery at Hoogstade.

26 April 1916 killed in action.

Research by David O'Mara


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