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Amiens to the Armistice: The BEF in the Hundred Days' Campaign 8 August - 11 November 1918


Book review by Ann Clayton. Both authors, being Senior Lecturers in the Department of War Studies at Sandhurst, demonstrate their ability to analyse the complexities of military actions, and this hundred-day campaign was more complex than most. It was also 'the greatest in British military history', and the one 'in which ground forces under Britis…

096: January 2013


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The Battle of the Selle, October 1918


The Battle of the Selle, October 1918 The Centralisation of Command Sir Douglas Haig always believed in the judgement of the man on the spot, but after the losses to the BEF during the actions of 1914 and 1915, the BEF was ‘deskilled' in this judgement process during the build up to the Battle of the Somme of 1916. The lack of experienced comma…

The Final Offensive : The 1993 Presidential Address delivered by the Honorary President John Terraine


[This article first appeared in Stand To! 40 pp 5-11] When the Armistice came on 11 November, seventy-five years ago, it took a great many people (including some who should have known better) entirely by surprise and when it proved also to be the end of the War in Europe they were surprised once more. Having failed to perceive it coming, disbeliev…

The Opening and Closing Shots Tour


The Tayside Branch organised a coach tour to the Western Front in June 2019. Two years after the Branch’s last tour, Tayside WFA returned to the Western Front in June this year. The broad theme, and the title of our tour was “The Opening and Closing Shots” – we were going to selectively concentrate on the two phases of open warfare in the opening …

ONLINE : 'Tanks in the 100 Days' with Peter Harris


Tanks in the 100 Days

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Due to the Present Situation this talk by Peter will be ONLINE 


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Peter Harris

 Speaker this month --- Peter Harris 

Peter Harris
Peter Harris is a consulting Civil and Structural engineer sp…

The Contemptible Little Army, 1914 -1918


By Alex Saunt (Major Alex Saunt MBE served with the Light Infantry and with the SAS in Libya, Borneo, Northern Ireland, Germany and Denmark. He was awarded an MBE for his courage). The story of the expansion and development of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) 1914-1918 and how the Contemptible Little Army became a huge, effective machine. B…

Ep. 109 – Operation Delta – Dr Bill Stewart


Dr Bill Stewart talks about the Canadian Corp’s Operation Delta and how it shaped operations during the 100 Days in 1918.

ONLINE: Secrets and Lies: Operation Llandovery Castle. Moving the Canadian Corps for Battle, August 1918 with Rob Thompson


The presentation will be live and online.  The Battle of Amiens began on 8 August, 1918 and was described by General Ludendorff as the 'Black Day of the German Army'. The BEF, spearheaded by the Canadian Corps smashed through the German lines in a surprise attack that penetrated up to eight miles. Above: Canadian troops supported …

"Mont St Quentin - A necessary feat of arms?" - Julian Whippy


We welcome Julian Whippy to Hatfield Peverel to present his talk about the Australian action at Mont St Quentin in the Somme area 1918. Meet from 7:30 for an 8pm start in the bar area of the village hall at Hatfield Peverel. The bar is available. There is parking on site. Requested entrance donation of £3.50 and, as ever, the talk is open to memb…