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28 October 1918 : Cpl John Bildner


John's parents were Louis and Lizzie Bildner. In 1900, the second of three children living at 86 Conwell Street, Dearborn Country, Indiana. His German born grandparents lived at 84 Conwell Street.  A machinist before the war John was drafted into service with the 159th Depot Brigade at Lawrenceburg, Indiana on 29 March 1918, he was trained at Ca…

28 December 1917 : Wagoner Ned Vandeventer


Son Winfield (farmer) and Sarah 'Lizzie' Vandeventer. Siblings in 1900 included Grace (3) and Maranda 'Randa' (1). By the time of the 1910 Census he had a further four brothers and sisters: Mandy, John, Avis and Scott.  Ned, who farmed for his father before the war, attested age 21 into the US Army on 4 June 1917 and was called up that October.…