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Commemorating the Capture of Riqueval Bridge : 29 & 30 September


  There will be a service to rededicate The Western Front Association Plaque commemorating the capture of Riqueval Bridge by the 46th (North Midland) Division on Saturday 29 September at 4.00pm.   There are further commemoration events to the British, American and Australian soldiers on Sunday  as well as events relating to the First World War…

"The 46th (North Midland) Division TF Revisited" by John Bourne


We welcome John back to the branch.  His talk is a change to the advertised talk. The 46th Division was the first Territorial Division to deploy to the Western Front as a complete formation. With a partial and incompleted detour to Egypt in 1916, it spent the rest of the war there. The division suffered a disastrous baptism of fire at the Hohenzol…