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Ep. 21 – Jutland and the Meaning of Victory – Prof Andrew Lambert


This recording is of a talk given by Professor Andrew Lambert, King’s College London, to the Antrim and Down WFA branch Somme Conference last October (2016) on the outcomes of the 1916 naval battle at Jutland. This engaging, one hour long special podcast is a talk given by Andrew Lambert in which he explores the controversies around the Battle o…

A short and unequal engagement: HMS Strongbow and HMS Mary Rose


HMS Mary Rose and HMS Strongbow (two M-class destroyers) were routinely deployed on convoy duties for merchant vessels carrying coal between Scotland and Norway in 1917. The job was usually fairly mundane – described as ‘mail runs’ by one of the survivors ... but the events of 17 October 1917 would change all that. HMS Mary Rose was the seventh su…