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Unquiet Souls: The Indian Summer of the British Aristocracy 1880-1918 by Angela Lambert


Macmillan, £14.95 [This short review first appeared in Stand To!  No.12 Winter 1984] Required reading for all those whose interests extend beyond the Western Front to include the fundamental changes in British society brought about by the war. Through her study of the political aristocratic group known as The Souls she vividly portrays a society …

The 'fake' French Aristocrat at Etaples


In the vast expanse of Etaples Military Cemetery are thousands of headstones. Each of these represents the last resting place of a casualty of the war. No doubt all stories are unique, but to misquote George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’, some are 'more unique than others'.   Above: Etaples Military Cemetery Below is the image of a headstone of what wo…