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Aristocrats Amongst Servicemen with Andrew Thornton


Aristocrats Amongst Servicemen : Stories of the Chums of the Old Contemptibles' Association  Andrew's talk will be about his research into compiling a nominal roll of the 'Chums of the Old Contemptibles' Association, the sources used and some of the pitfalls and findings that he has come across. Find out what his research has revealed with regards…

The Aristocrats' Cemetery at Zillebeke


(This article is taken from Stand To! No 90, published Dec 2010/January 2011. You can receive copies of Stand To! by becoming a member of the WFA.) The author's first visit to the Zillebeke Churchyard Cemetery came about almost by accident. He was driving through the village in February 2006 when his attention was drawn to a small cluster of Commo…

Way of Revelation (1921) by Wilfred Ewart


Wilfred Herbert as portrayed in Graham Stephen's 'The Life and Last Words of Wilfred Ewart' (1924) At the time of his death, the 30 year old Wilfred Ewart was a successful journalist and author who had given five years of his life to the Great War. Composed in notepads and published as reports under various names during the war his fictionalised…