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Horses on the Western Front by Elspeth Johnstone


Horses on the Western Front by Elspeth Johnstone (This article first appeared in Gun Fire pp38-52. All issues are available to Western Front Association members to access via your member login.) (1)   You have shod them cold, and their coats are long, and their bellies stiff with mud; They have done with gloss and polish, but the fighting heart…

'Soldiers & Their Horses - Horses & Their Soldiers’ - Dr. Jane Flynn


This talk focuses on the Soldier-Horse Relationship, 1914-1918. The War Office may only have seen a homogenous mass of men and horses, of numbers killed and the cost of their replacement, but to their 'owners' the horses were as much a part of the life of their units as their fellow men. Many soldiers fervently believed it was their horses to whom …

Dr. Jane Flynn - ‘A Weapon in the Hands of the Allies’ The Remount Service and the AVC


Jane will be revisiting the branch to give the talk she had originally intended to give last year looking at how the supply of horses to the British Army was an unprecedented logistical and organisational enterprise, undergone at great expense, solely because military success depended on the versatility and endurance of the military horse. Members…