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Tom Cormie’s War Diary 1917-18


'Thomas Cormie, born 16th September 1893 in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland was my father', writes Andrew Cormie, featured in this 1965 photograph at a family wedding when Andrew was 22. 'My mother was my father's second wife, Christina M.O. Kinnes', he continues. My birth date is 16th September 1943 so my father became 50 years of age on the day I was…

Pte. Edward Leon Hill, 72nd Bn CEF (Seaforth Highlanders of Canada)


In 1911 Edward Hill moved with his family to Allen County, Indiana. He enlisted into the Indiana National Guard in April 1916. He saw service on the Mexican Border then in September 1917 he went to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and enlisted into the Canadian Army . After initially enlisting into the 50th Bn Canadian Expeditionary Force, he …

ONLINE : 'Beyond Vimy Ridge: Canadian Corps Operations, 1918' By Rob Thompson


ONLINE LECTURE 'Beyond Vimy Ridge: Canadian Corps Operations, 1918' By Rob Thompson Rob will take us away from Vimy Ridge and look at the Canadians during 1918. Emphasis on Amiens and the logistical setup required to move a 100,000-men-plus corps (and horses, artillery and equipment) in secret and have them in position within less than two weeks.…

Lessons of the Hundred Days - Amiens to the Armistice - Dr. Simon Peaple


Join us for a fascinating talk by Dr Simon Peaple on lessons learned during the Last Hundred Days Campaign during the Advance from the Battle of Amiens in  8 August 1918 to the Armistice on 11 November 1918.