Cover: Artillery stripped trees. The other worldliness of this ravaged landscape at Courcelette, shrouded in clouds of dust or smoke, leaves a lasting impression. The foreground is littered with many objects, including an abandoned carriage and a sign stating, ‘pack transport this way’ (Original image courtesy of the National Library of Scotland / © Colourised by Tom Marshall of PhotograFix www.photogra–

From the Editor

Welcome to the first edition of Stand To! for 2022. As I write this in late December, COVID–19 is still running wild, the Omicron variant the latest to threaten us. France (and most of Europe) has closed its borders with the UK and travelling abroad is off the cards again. Who knows what the next 12 months will bring?

I hope better times for us all. Despite all the uncertainty, one thing you can be sure of is that Stand To! will continue to deliver you interesting and informative articles and reviews over the coming year. There will again be four issues this year, and the eagle–eyed amongst you will notice a few changes to the usual format. I hope you approve.

(For the full introduction see your copy of Stand To!) 


Duel on the Roman Road. A micro–analysis of an artillery–tank action at the Battle of Amiens Part 1 by Geoffrey Holt and David Pearson FSA 2–10

The Camera Returns (106) by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall 11–12

Duel in the Sky by Christopher Nash 13–18

Fighting Bob Cain. A Scottish immigrant in the AEF by Aaron Heft 19–22

From Wolverhampton to the Somme. The Great War experiences of Thomas Clarke and Arthur Stokes by Chris Twiggs 23–28

Some Representations of War on the Great War Stage by Michael Waters 29–34 Haig and the 

Destruction of a Major General by Peter Crook 35–40

A Very Personal War Rudyard Kipling and the Irish Guards in the Great War by James Fanning 41–43

Loose Connections. The stories behind three medals of the Great War by Dr Adrian Gregson 44–51 

Garrison Library 52–60 

  • Mud, Blood and Poppycock Britain and the First World War by Gordon Corrigan
  • Rendezvous With Death. ANZAC Stories of the Great War by John Ramsland
  • The True Story of the Christmas Truce: British and German Eyewitness Accounts from World War I by Anthony Richards 
  • The Bulgarian Contract: The Secret Lie that Ended the Great War by Graeme Sheppard 
  • ‘For Every Sailor Afloat, Every Soldier at the Front’ Princess Mary’s Christmas Gift, 1914 by Peter Doyle
  • White Feather to Victoria Cross – Harold Ackroyd VC. MC. MD Christopher E Ackroyd & Edward F Malet de Carteret 
  • Indian Soldiers in World War I. Race and Representation in an Imperial War by Andrew T Jarboe
  • Studentenfriedhof to Soldatenfriedhof. A History of Langemark German Cemetery and self–guided tour by Roger Steward
  • Years of Endurance: Life Aboard the Battlecruiser Tiger 1914–16 by John R Muir 
  • Gallipoli Diary 1915 by Alec Riley, Michael Crane & Bernard de Broglio (Ed).