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005: Summer 1982


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Who was Ronald Johnson ? 29 May 1917


Prologue With the Glazer family takeover of Manchester United Football Club between 2003 and 2005 a group of Manchester United supporters, who were disillusioned at the way that ‘modern' football was being run (and organised in general), decided to form their own, totally democratic, supporter-owned, breakaway club. After much discussion, this n...

British Corps Commanders in the Great War


As identified by Andrew Simpson in his PhD thesis,[1] there is remarkably little written about British Corps command in the Great War and for this reason the role of Corps is possibly not as clear as it should be. Although falling outside the scope of this article, it is clear that in the latter years of the 19th Century and the early years of t...

Postponed : 8th President's Conference - Theme '1915 Revisited'


Given current situation with spread of coronavirus the President's Conference will be postponed until further notice. The welfare of delegates and speakers is uppermost in our thoughts.  Speakers:    Aimee Fox : 'To Gallipoli and Back Again: Learning lessons between theatres, Gallipoli and the Western Front, 1915-1916'? Aimee Fox This talk foc...

Ep. 164 – The First Gurkha Officer – Pratap Chhetri


Pratap Chhetri talks about his research into Rana Jodha Jung Bahadur, the first Gurkha officer in the British Army during the Great War. Your browser does not support the audio element. Dr Tom Thorpe [TT] : Welcome to ‘Mentioned in Dispatc...

The Battle of Loos - a presentation by Colin Ellender


Colin's presentation is a re-apprasial of the Battle of Loos, tactics employed and the different units involved