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Visiting and Revisiting the battlefields, 1919-1938 by Prof. Mark Connelly.


Tourists in Ypres, Whit Monday, 1919. Image from the Imperial War Museum collection (c) Jeremy Gordon-Smith  By Prof. Mark Connelly Throughout the Great War the battlefields and the hinterland behind them held a fascination for people. Trying to understand what the major theatre of operations was actually like remained a preoccupation of huge n…

A Military Atlas of the First World War by Arthur Banks


Leo Cooper, 2001, softback, 338pp., £14.95. ISBN 0 85052 791 0.  As editor of this journal (Ann Clayton writing in 2002), this is one book of very few books I would not want to be without. I use tips one for checking battle details and place-name spellings, and the statistical summaries have also proved invaluable over the last eight or so years. …

What got you interested in the First World War?


Tom Thorpe's opening question on the ‘Mentioned in Dispatches’ podcast series - at least for the last 80+ editions, has been to ask his guest to say who they are and say what got them interested in the First World War. The answers given are as varied as the speakers themselves.  At University Most are published historians or authors so it is no…