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For what we have done: The first attack on Bellewaarde, 16 June 1915


By Michael R B Mclaren £35.00 (Pb), Helion, 480pp,  107 b/w photos and illustrations, 16 maps.  ISBN 978191239083 0.  As the Official Historian, Sir James Edmonds, put it, ‘The story of 1915 is but a commentary on the straits to which the British Empire was reduced by lack of preparedness for war, and the consequent heavy cost in life and mater…

Brothers in Arms: Three Died and Three Survived the First World War


The First World War resulted in terrible suffering for many families, but the Willis family was among those that paid the highest of prices: six brothers went to war, but only three came home. Of the surviving siblings, one had lost a leg and the other two also left with recurring health problems. The Willis family had travelled from Nottingham to…