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The Bombing of London by airships, bomber aircraft and seaplanes 1914 - 1918


The Bombing of London  By Ian Castle   (Reproduced here under Creative Commons license from the 1914-18 Encyclopedia of the First World War   Germany’s aerial bombing campaign against Great Britain in the First World War, with London as its primary target, was the first sustained strategic bombing campaign in history. These raids, using airshi…

Postponed : 'The Forgotten Blitz and the Defeat of the Zeppelins' with Ian Castle


Following our Branch AGM, Ian will present 'The Forgotten Blitz and the Defeat of the Zeppelins'. focusing on the airships, the raids and effects on morale, etc

Ian Castle presents 'The Forgotten Blitz and the Defeat of the Zeppelins


Ian is a well respected on the subject of Balloons, Ballooning and Zeppelins. He looks at the Bitz, its effect on moral and how the menace of the Zeppelin Airships was dealt with 

'William Leefe Robonson, VC, and the first blitz' by David Marks


William Leefe Robinson was a modest young man became an overnight sensation for shooting down the first airship over London on the night of 2/3 September 1916. His feat paved the way for the eventual defeat of the Zeppelin as a strategic bombing weapon. The talk tells the story of the 'First Blitz' and the life and times of a gallant pilot who is s…