'William Leefe Robonson, VC, and the first blitz' by David Marks
06 Sep

William Leefe Robinson was a modest young man became an overnight sensation for shooting down the first airship over London on the night of 2/3 September 1916. His feat paved the way for the eventual defeat of the Zeppelin as a strategic bombing weapon. The talk tells the story of the 'First Blitz' and the life and times of a gallant pilot who is still remembered today.

David is a member of Cross & Cockade International (the First World War Aviation Historical Society) and the Airship Heritage Trust. He regularly lectures on behalf these organisations on the subject of Zeppelin raids, drawing on a unique and extensive collection of postcards and contemporary memorabilia. David also writes Cross & Cockade's quarterly e-newsletter, 'Wind in the Wires', which has over 1,300 subscribers. David also contributes to books, journals, magazines and other WW1 projects. His first book, 'Let the Zeppelins Come', focusing on the morale boosting impact of comic postcards to the British public, was published in March 2017 and received national press coverage. His second book is 'The Zeppelin Offensive: A German Perspective in Pictures and Postcards', was published in September 2019.

Great Stukeley Village Hall, Ermine Street, Great Stukeley, Huntingdon, PE28 4AQ
06 Sep 2023 19:30