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Ep. 40 – Marjorie’s War – Charles Fair


Charles Fairs talks about a collection of letters and diaries written by his grandparents and their immediate social circle during the Great War that he published in 2012. The central character is his grandmother Marjorie Secretan and Charles talks about how the war affected her as she lost her brother, fiancé and other close family members before …

Ep. 50 – The London Regiment before the Great War – Charles Fair & Tom Thorpe


Historian Charles fair and host Tom Thorpe survey the character, traditions and quirks of the 28 infantry battalions of the London Regiment prior to the Great War.

Ep. 147 – Officer Cadet Battalions – Charles Fair


Charles Fair talks about his research into Officer Cadet Battalions during the Great War. The evolution of the OCBs stemmed from a shortage of officers from late 1915/early 1916. A system of picking those from the 'right schools' would no longer suffice. There was also a problem with what to do with the 'inefficient', a euphemism for 'incompetent'…