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Relearning the Lessons. John Terraine’s 1984 WFA Address


Relearning the Lessons. John Terraine’s 1984 WFA Address (This article, a transcript of John Terraine's 1984 Address first appeared in Stand To! 1985 No.13  pp4-7)   Mr. Chairman, fellow-members of the WFA: I hope you will forgive me if today - contrary to my usual practice - I strike a personal note in my address to you. Before we go any furt…

CANCELLED 'From business as usual to total war' by Tony Bolton


Did Britain have a strategy for fighting the Great War or did we just blunder from crisis to crisis? During his presentation, our speak Tony Bolton will explain all. Business as usual was a policy followed by the British government, under Prime Minister H H Asquith , during the early years of the First World War Its fundamental belief was that in…

Ep. 198 - Churchill and the Dardanelles - Prof. Chris Bell


Canadian historian Professor Christopher Bell, Professor of History at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, talks about his recent book Churchill and the Dardanelles that examines the role Winston Churchill in the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign. Your browser does not suppo…