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Mr Standfast by John Buchan


Whilst John Buchan was not a combatant in the Great War, he was a significant figure in the nascent business of propaganda. In 1917 Buchan was appointed director the newly created Dept. of Information and subsequently was director of intelligence in the fully-fledged Ministry of Information. Concomitant with undertaking these roles, Buchan wrote...

'Invasion Scares from Napoleon to the Kaiser' - Tony Bolton


On Wednesday 12th of July at the Hatfield Peverel venue we welcome Tony Bolton, Chairman of the WFA, to his first meeting of the Essex Branch to present his talk "Invasion scares from Napoleon to the Kaiser". In his own words this is a bit quirky and looks at the prelude to the War through contemporary literature and newspapers.  The meeting wil...

'A Century of Emergency Legislation: The Defence of the Realm Act to Civil Contingencies Act' - Jonathan Swan


The Defence of the Realm Act (DORA) during the War was a major over-reaction to combat perceived security concerns and was thoroughly disliked by the UK population. In this talk Jonathon will look at the lessons learned from DORA and how its legacy influenced subsequent emergency powers legislation in 1920, 1939, and 2004.  Meet at the Village H...