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General Rawlinson From Tragedy to Triumph - Dr Rodney Atwood


General Rawlinson From Tragedy to Triumph    In the First World War he held an important command position in the B.E.F  He bears a heavy part -responsibility  for the disastrous  first day of the Somme , but later in the battle his successful tactics inflicted heavy enemy casualties. His Western front career culminated in a series of victories …

Rodney Attwood - 'General Lord Rawlinson in the First World War'


This talk is based on Rodney's research for his biography of Rawlinson (General Lord Rawlinson: From Tragedy to Triumph) Rawlinson won praise from historians of the Western Front, such as C R M F Cruttwell, particularly for 4th Army's role in 'The Hundred Days' of 1918. A former colleague wrote on his death in 1925, 'His loss to the Army is absolut…

'Jutland - The Mightiest of Sea Battles' with Dr Rodney Atwood


The role of the Navy in the Great War does not, arguably, regularly receive the attention it deserves. In a welcome return, Dr Atwood will deliver his presentation on the most famous of sea battles of the entire Great War - The Battle of Jutland of May/June 1916