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The War to End all Wars. The American military experience in World War I


By Edward Coffman. Published by University of Wisconsin Press, Madison, WI (1986) ISBN 10: 029910964XISBN 13: 9780299109646 The history of the American involvement in the Great War, first published in 1986 by OUP, has been to many the standard work on the subject. It was based upon some sources new at the time and used interviews with 30 survivo…

The War To End All Wars: The American Military Experience in World War I


  The War to End All Wars, The American Military Experience in World War I by Edward M. Coffman   This work, first published in 1968, has been reprinted in 1998. The following is a transcript of interviews which took place in May and June 1998, between Dr Coffman and Paul Guthrie, exploring the elements identified by Dr. Coffman as crucial to un…